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C4RL-EAST 2019 Open House!

Notice: We have a new Open House on the 16 and 17 November 2019, to celebrate the shifting of C4RL-WEST from our Bukit Timah premise to the new centre at Rochester Mall. Click here to find out more!
Thank you to all who joined us for our C4RL-EAST Open House on 20 April 2019 to celebrate our 11th Anniversary!
A series of hands-on activities were lined up to engage attendees – both intellectually and gastronomically! Free ice cream were a great hit among the guests! It was a jovial occasion Nullspace, as we had fun showcasing LEGO robotics and Arduino-based microcontroller projects. Some attendees were surprised when they learnt that these games can be built from scratch through educational products such as ThinkCrate. Attendees also had the opportunity to have a go at some of the upcoming ThinkCrate projects.
During one of the information session, Nullspace Director, Mr Wee Soon Keong, shared on how kids can get started on programming at home through various free coding resources. He also debunked and demystified some of the misconceptions and hype around coding. Parents were relieved to hear that they were not required to possess coding background when helping their children to learn to code. Instead, learning coding together can create opportunities for parent-child bonding.
Nullspace Chief Executive, Mr Alan Yong, then shared on the C4RL course structure and further elaborated on how C4RL’s carefully crafted course curriculum enables students to build proficiency in coding through robotics. It was an insightful discussion with parents on technology learning as an emerging educational trend. He presented on how robotics enrichment activities can help build a student’s portfolio while enabling them to learn while having fun.
In case you missed it, here are some highlights from the day:

Thank you for celebrating our 11th Anniversary with us! Scroll down to find out more about our activities and discounts!


Activities For Kids

Mech Wars

Mech Wars is a team based robotics game where participants have to use a remote control to direct their robots to score various objectives on the field. Settle your grudges on the battle field!

LEGO Robot Stations

Have you and your child always been fascinated with LEGO robots? There will be different LEGO Mindstorms robots like the Shooterbot, the Gyroboy (2 wheel self balancing robot), and a host of other cool robots for you to interact with!

Arduino Game Booths

Check out our cool Arduino games and spirograph on display! Its addictive and you can even create some nice art to take home!

Coding with Scratch

Try out coding with scratch and understand more about the Arduino platform and creating your own projects at home!

Information Sessions

“Getting Your Kids Started on Programming at Home”

Wee Soon Keong, Director – Nullspace

In this informal sharing, Mr Wee Soon Keong will share about the various free coding resources that parents can readily tap on to empower learning at home. He will also aim to demystify and debunk the misconceptions and hype around coding, and how we can all be better prepared for the future economy with technology on our side.

Session Timings:

  • 2pm – 230pm
  • 4pm – 430pm

“C4RL Course Overview and Learning Outcomes”

Alan Yong, Chief Executive – Nullspace

As a veteran instructor at C4RL and Nullspace Robotics, Mr Alan Yong will share about the C4RL course curriculum design and all the information you will need to know to effectively plan for your child’s enrichment. He will also answer the common questions asked by parents about the course and there will be a short question and answer session at the end.

Session Timings:

  • 3pm – 330pm
  • 5pm – 530pm

C4RL-EAST June Holiday Discounts!

To celebrate our Open House, we are offering three attractive discounts, valid at our EAST Centre during the June School Holidays (20 May – 30 June). By utilising all these discounts you can enjoy up to $150 off* our courses!

Do not miss this incredible offer! For a full list of our class dates, visit our course page for Robotics Certificate Programme (LEGO Mindstorms EV3) and Inventor Certificate Programme (Arduino Microcontroller).

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$50 Off

New sign-ups who register and pay for courses at our Open House will enjoy $50* off! 

Open House Discount

$50 Off

Simply key in “OPENHOUSE2019” when registering for C4RL-EAST courses using our online registration form and get $50* off! 

Bootcamp Discount

$50 Off

Sign up for any 2 courses during the June Holidays and enjoy $50* off the final price! 

*Terms and Conditions apply for all 3 discounts. Please refer to our T&Cs page to find out more.

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