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Guide to Registration for Robotics Certificate Programme (2023)

You’ve just landed on the booking page for Nullspace’s Robotics Certificate Programme (Ages 9+). Check out our class schedule and book classes here!

New to the programme? Scroll down for a guide to help you get started on registering for classes!

Note that registration of the class is only confirmed upon payment of course fees, or by redeeming an existing course package at checkout. You will receive a confirmation email immediately upon the successfully registration of a class.

New to the Robotics Certificate Programme? Here’s a Guide for You!

Step 1: Purchase a Course Package

To get started on the Robotics Certificate Programme, you will need to purchase one of the course packages listed below.

You can also choose to pay for classes on a session-by-session basis, however they will cost alot more! Course packages offer more value and savings for kids who are interested to do long-term classes at Nullspace.

What’s unique about our course package?

  1. They have a validity period of 2 years, and you can redeem them across our programme offerings (including holiday workshops).
  2. They are shareable and can be used between 2 or more students concurrently, regardless of friend or family!

Click here to read more about the Terms and Conditions of our Course Packages.

To purchase new course packages, simply choose from one of the package options listed and click Purchase. Fill in the billing details and make payment via credit card. After successful payment, your Course Package ID will be issued to you automatically via email.

4 Sessions

$ 420

$105 per session
  • ✔  4 sessions x 2.5 hours (10 hours)
  • ✔  1 Course Level
  • ✔  Recommended for extra practice 

8 SessionsMost Popular

$ 800

$100 per session
  • ✔  8 sessions x 2.5 hours (20 hours)
  • ✔  2 Course Levels
  • ✔  Recommended for school holidays!

24 Sessions

$ 2280

$95 per session
  • ✔  24 sessions x 2.5 hours (60 hours)
  • ✔  6 Course Levels
  • ✔  Recommended for serious training 

Step 2: Register for your Preferred Class Sessions

Our Robotics Certificate Programme has the following sequence format:

  1. Beginner 1 Foundation Session x1
  2. Beginner Practice Session x3
  3. Beginner 2 Foundation Session x1
  4. Beginner Practice Session x3
  5. Beginner Proficiency Test (non-chargeable)


You may start by clicking on “Beginner 1 Foundation Session” and proceed to choose:

  • Choose the “SPIKE Prime Beginner 1 Foundation” Session
  • Select your Centre of Choice
  • Select a suitable Date & Time for the session

After you book the Beginner 1 Foundation Session, you may choose to book any 3x Beginner Practice Sessions and subsequently a Beginner 2 Foundation Session.

Fill in your contact details and your child’s particulars, inclusive of any allergies or medical conditions.

Note: Please keep to the same email address when registering for our classes.


While optional, we encourage you to create an account for easier registration in the future. It’s as simple as clicking the top right corner of the booking page to log into your account!

Step 3: Payment using Course Package ID

Use your previously issued Course Package ID or Email used to purchase the course package to redeem the class booking.

Remember to input your course package information before payment.

If you are planning to register for more course levels in the future, get our course packages for greater savings!

Please also take note that cancellation or rescheduling of classes needs to be done at least 72 hours before the class, or the class fees may be forfeited.

How can I reschedule a class?

Life happens, we understand!

If you ever find yourself with a need to reschedule some classes, you can do so easily on your end.

In the email confirmation, there will be an option to reschedule or to cancel the appointment.

Do take note that rescheduling or cancellation is only possible at least 72 hours before the lesson.

Need Help? Get in Touch with Our Friendly Course Coordinators!


+65 9066 3641
(Operating Hours: 10am to 6pm)