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Python Coding Class for Kids

The Data Analyst Certificate Programme is a weekly Python coding class that will introduce students to the popular text-based Python programming language – the #1 most popular programming language in 2022. Previously known as the “Junior Data Analyst Programme”, the programme was originally developed by Nullspace as part of the Computer Enrichment Programme (CEP) for Gifted Education Programme schools.

Through the 60-hour structured programme (2.5 hours x 4 sessions x 6 levels), students will learn the fundamentals of python programming and be exposed to higher-order skillsets such as object-oriented programming and designing graphical user interfaces through engaging activities like password decryption, treasure hunt and more.

Suitable for Ages 11 years old and up
LocationLesson Delivery Format: Home-Based Learning (Zoom)

Onsite classes available for 2023 onwards
Max Class Size5 students / instructor
Lesson Duration2.5 hours per session
Full Programme Length24 sessions (6 levels x 4 sessions)
Course FeesLessons are charged according to our course package prices.

4 sessions – $450 or
8 sessions – $860 (5% off) or
24 sessions – $2400 (11% off)
Class Schedule Friday sessions: 6pm to 8.30pm
Saturday sessions: 9.30am to 12pm
Sunday sessions: 9.30am to 12pm

Course Proficiency Test & Certification

To ascertain suitability for Python coding class progression, a course proficiency test will be administered after the completion of the Python 102, Python 202 & Python 302 levels. Certificates will be awarded upon successful passing of the proficiency tests.

Students who have passed our proficiency tests will also receive a digital certificate issued by the Computer Science & Robotics Certification (CSARC™). These digital certificates will be issued via email at the end of each school term.


Python 101: Introduction to Python

  • Print statement
  • Usage of variables and mathematical operators
  • User inputs
  • If / Else statements
  • Program planning
  • While loop
  • Foreign currency conversion
  • BMI Calculator
  • COVID NRIC checker

Python 102: Sequence Data Types

  • For loop
  • String data type
  • List data type
  • Prime number generator
  • Frog game

Python 201: Repetition and Data Types

  • Nested list data structure
  • Advanced string formatting
  • Writing and accessing user-defined functions
  • ASCII Art
  • Password and text encryption

Python 202: File Processing

  • File reading and writing
  • Encryption using txt files
  • Store inventory system

Python 301: GUI Application

  • Creating simple graphical user interface
  • GUI Buttons, forms, display
  • Random dice generator
  • Tic Tac Toe game

Python 302: Object Oriented Programming

  • Defining classes and methods
  • Creating objects
  • Class inheritance and operator overloading
  • Bank ATM system
  • Car valuation system

Additional Course Information / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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If you are intending to register for just one course level (4 sessions x 2.5 hours @ $420), you may proceed to register and make payment without purchasing course package. Otherwise you might consider purchasing our course packages below. Find out more about our course packages here!