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Getting your kids started on programming

Speaking to a group of parents and children in IDA Labs, Jurong Regional Library, Mr Wee shared on a topic relevant in the technology-driven world today – “Getting your kids started on programming”. Briefly, he pointed out several free resources in print, online, and in the community, as well as how they can be relevant for parents without any coding background to teach computational skills to their children. The sharing concluded with a hands-on workshop for them to learn microcontroller programming and explore some of the pointers shared earlier in the session. We are heartened to share our passion and education philosophy to a number of parents and children across the different sessions conducted over two months!

To learn more about events organised by National Library Board (NLB), you may visit their GoLibrary website here.

Mr Wee Soon Keong, Curriculum Director of Nullspace, sharing more about himself and how kids can get started with programming


Speaking to a full crowd, common questions such as, “What is coding? What programming languages should my child learn?” are addressed.


Siblings enjoying themselves while fixing up a simple LED circuit using the breadboard


Parent-child teams up to learn how to fix their electronics circuit and code the Arduino microcontroller


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