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Get ready to rumble!

Form a team of 3 and challenge your real time strategy skills in the fast paced and exciting game of Mech Wars.

Strategise, plan, and control your robots to capture objectives and penalise your opponents!

Competition Information



Gather a team of 3 participants (all participants must fulfill eligibility requirements) and register online. A registration fee of $12 per team applies.


No preparation is required before competition day. Teams will be assigned 3 sets of LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and wireless remote control for use during the competition. Teams will be given 2 hours to strategise, build, and test their robots.

No programming is required for this competition, the program for the wireless remote control will be preloaded into the EV3.



Teams will playoff each other in a round robin league table style with cumulative scoring across the rounds. The top 2 teams will face off in the match finals.


The top team will walk away with a cash prize of $450, and second place team will walk away with cash prize of $300.

Event Details


19 Nov 2022


9am to 12pm

Team Eligibility

Teams must meet the following requirements

  • Each team must consist of 3 participants.
  • Each participant must be between 15-17 years old in 2022.
  • Participants must have prior experience in LEGO Mindstorms robotics in their Secondary or Tertiary institution.
  • Each participant may not represent more than 1 team in this competition event.